Harry wrote:
Nudity among boys was not even a consideration, much less a concern, nor was the propriety or impropriety of adult and teen clothed women supervising us -- it's just the way it was.
I took few formal swimming lessons as a boy. I may well have had some of the experiences both of you relate, but if so I no longer remember. I swam nude at the Y as a teen, but no women ever were present.

I do remember one summer, either the summer before or summer after I graduated from high school, when my girlfriend gave swimming lessons as part of some organization or another (don't remember) to both boys and girls of very young ages---8 or 9 would have neen the max, maybe 10 at the very oldest. The classes were mostly boys, which would have been the norm in those days (late 50's), as many parents still thought it was "unhealthy" for girls to get exercise.

Anyway, the boys were given the choice of wearing suits or swimming nude (suits were of course mandatory for girls), with most of the boys chosing to swim naked. Not only were mothers and sisters present, but it was an outdoor pool, so any passersby of either sex could see the boys. No one gave this arrangement a second thought.

And as has been pointed out on the forum related to this, it was not a case of the boys being encouraged to swim naked. Instead, it was a case of no one, male or female, discouraging the practice of boys swimming nude. It was felt, and rightly so, that it was what the boys wanted to do anyway, so why be priggish enough to deny them their fun?

HARRY From Ma.  on June 13..

Marcus, your girlfriend's experience was just about exactly as I experienced it -- it was felt that swimming nude was something boys preferred to do. And we did. The adults be they men or women who were present, including older teen girls, were largely irrelevant to how we felt about things. We were interested in swimming, fighting and playing (and the fighting was just rough housing, nothing serious) and whomever was (trying) to keep us under control was not paid much attention to.

To this day, I know that swimming nude if much better than wearing suits. Don't get to do it as often, but whenever I do I prefer it.

TOM  from Va.   August 9

Years later when i was in Nursing school,toward the end of the last semester they had a big Nurse Recruitment day at the local sports center. There we're like 1000 people there. I went to use the Mens room & as i was standing there pissing, one of our female nursing instructors came in with about 5 or 6 of the girls in my class, without knocking & said to me "as soon as your done i need you to leave cause the Womens rooms are crowded & i'm turning this into a female bathroom! I said no your not, you don't run this place! I said you come bursting into my bathroom without even knocking & tell me to leave cause the girls have to use the bathroom & your telling me this while i'm standing here & your watching me urinate? I said no, i think i have to take a crap now! As i went into one of the stalls i said "have a seat girls, there's plenty of room for everybody!" She was so PISSED! But ther wasn't a damn thing she could do about it!! I stayed there for about 15 minutes & by the time i walked out of there about 8 or 9 other other guys including male employees of the place we're using it & there was still nothing she could do!! WHAT NERVE!!!